EquivariantGB Macaulay2 Package

Christopher Hillar, Robert Krone, Anton Leykin

A package for computing equivaraint Gröbner bases.

A polynomial ring over a countably infinite number of variables presents some obstacles to computation because it's not Noetherian. However often the ideals of interest in this setting are endowed with certain symmetry. If G is an action on the set of variables of the ring, an ideal is G-equivariant if it is closed under the action of G. For certain actions, G-equivariant ideals are finitely generated up to G action, and moreover there exist equivariant Gröbner bases for such ideals.

EquivariantGB computes equivariant Gröbner bases for the cases when G is the infinite symmetric group, or the semigroup of strictly increasing functions, where the semigroup acts diagonally on variables indexed by a tuple of natural numbers. The ring can also have several blocks of variables each with this structure.



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